Ganeti Features

Ganeti provides a variety of virtualisation and storage options. However, currently not all of them are maintained in a way we would like them to be. If you are using one of the unmaintaned features and would like to help with (automated) testing and development, please visit the community page and get in contact with us!

Fully maintained features

  • General Features
    • Cluster size of 1-100 physical nodes (recommended)
    • Automated resource/instance allocation and cluster balancing
    • Automated operating system installs through OS provider interface
    • Export/import mechanism for backup purposes or migration between clusters
  • Support for KVM virtualization
    • Support for live migration
    • Support for fully- and semi-virtualized instances
    • Support for (optionally encrypted) VNC, Spice or serial access
    • Support for virtio or emulated devices
    • Support for hotplugging NICs or disks
  • Support for Xen virtualization
    • Support for PVM and HVM instances
    • Support for live migration
    • Virtual console (on PVM) or VNC (on HVM) to control instances
    • Support for virtio or emulated devices
  • Storage options
    • Local LVM volumes
    • Local files
    • Files on a shared medium (e.g. NFS)
    • DRBD8

Currently unmaintained features

  • Support for LXC containers
  • Support for chroot-based services
  • Storage options
    • Ceph/RBD
    • Gluster
    • External Storage Providers: support for custom/third party storage solutions
  • Automated instance migration across clusters